Erectile Dysfunction in Men


For any man, erectile dysfunction is a serious issue causing embarrassment and anger. It is common practice to refer to various pathologies of the sexual sphere when using this concept. With erectile dysfunction, a man cannot get a stable erection, maintain it during intercourse and achieve ejaculation. All this leads to problems in relations with women, often destroys marriage and causes complexes.

How to treat impotence in men? What are the symptoms to separate erectile dysfunction from other pathologies? Why does this problem occur? Let’s figure it out!

Factors causing Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can occur against the background of organic and psychological problems. Depending on the causes of development, 3 forms of pathology are even distinguished.

  • Psychogenic: It occurs against the background of neurosis, increased anxiety and a number of mental illnesses, accompanied by a rapid extinction or complete absence of sexual arousal.
  • Organic: The reason for the development of this form of pathology are cardiac and vascular problems: hypertension, atherosclerosis, heart failure, coronary heart disease, inadequate blood supply to the cavernous bodies of the penis, etc., as well as neurological pathologies (including multiple sclerosis) and endocrine disorders. Organic impotence also develops against the background of poisoning with toxins, while taking a number of medications.
  • Mixed: This form of pathology occurs with psychological and organic problems.
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Important! The risks of sexual failure increase in men with age due to vascular changes and a decrease in testosterone synthesis, but can also occur in young people.

What are the signs of impotence in men?

Numerous sexually inappropriate behaviors are signs of violations, including:

  • lack or weakening of the morning erection,
  • incomplete or insufficient erection,
  • the requirement for long stimulation in order to obtain an erection,
  • lack of erection even when aroused,
  • a gradual or abrupt reduction in penile tension during sexual activity,
  • early ejaculation,
  • increased time between intercourse.

The severity of the signs of impotence in men depends on the cause of the pathological condition. Psychogenic impotence, for example, usually comes on suddenly. Dysfunctions of organic origin, gradually progress.

Important! Young men should be careful to identify signs of impotence. If you find any, even seemingly insignificant, deviations, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible. This will allow you to quickly diagnose and start therapy. Only then will it be successful.

How to cure erectile dysfunction in men?

Therapy is always selected in accordance with the causes of the pathology.

The main method of treatment of psychogenic impotence in men is psychotherapy. It reduces intra- and interpersonal conflicts.

Important! If a man is in a permanent relationship, it is recommended to attend psychotherapy sessions with a partner.

The main method of treating organic impotence is taking medications. The main goal of therapy in this case will be the elimination of pathologies that provoked a deterioration in sexual function. Also, the treatment is aimed at stimulating blood flow to the penis and normalizing the functioning of internal organs and entire systems.

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Patients may be given:

  • Hormonal preparations. They have proven effective in endocrine causes of impotence.
  • Vasodilators. They are used in the form of both tablets and injections directly into the penis.
  • PDE-5 inhibitors. These drugs are erection stimulants. A good example is Kamagra, an erection pill by Ajanta pharmacy, it has Sildenafil as it’s main ingredient. Erection pills like Kamagra can by ordered form any reliable online pharamcy. Sildenafil based medicine is the most suitable when having erection challenges.

Important! These PDE-5 Inhibitor drugs should be taken with care, as they have certain contradictions, it’s best to consult an expert or read these pills leaflet before any self-medication.

Prevention of Erectile Dysfunction

Prevention of erectile dysfunction includes a whole range of measures aimed at:

  • Maintaining sufficient physical activity,
  • Adherence to the work-and-rest schedule,
  • Rejection of bad habits, especially alcohol abuse and smoking,
  • Maintaining stable sexual activity – prolonged abstinence adversely affects erection,
  • Rationalization of nutrition,
  • Caring for maintaining overall well-being. Men need to have a good rest and not overwork, avoid stress, spend time outdoors. Monitoring your general well-being is also crucial. To do this, it is necessary to regularly undergo diagnostics and eliminate the identified pathologies.

It should be understood that impotence can occur at any age, even in a young man. At the same time, its treatment is almost always long enough, so it is easier to prevent the problem than to deal with it.

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