Sex Positions – A Game Changer In Bed


Sex positions always play a critical role in ensuring the utmost satisfaction of both partners. If your regular life lacks the adventure different sex positions offer, try them with someone more flexible and experienced. Hire a sex model from a reputed website and fulfill your fantasies. 

The Socket

The socket position is a much more experimental and adventurous move. If you are looking for a fun-filled experience in bed trying some unusual positions, begin with the socket position. In this set-up, the two partners involved in the act get to explore and enjoy their genitals more. 

A typical socket position connects two people in a way that their faces remain in opposite directions. To enact it, the man has to be on his back and the woman needs to be on his top facing towards his feet. 

The perk of this position remains that the hips of the woman remain completely visible and exposed to the man. If you wish to enhance the level of excitement a few more notches, try to spank your escort on her butt. 


To enjoy your sex session without going through much exhaustion, try the cowgirl position. In this act, the man lies on his back and the woman receives him sitting on his top with her legs around his waist. In the cowgirl position, the woman faces the man directly. 

Therefore, this time, the boobs of the girl remain accessible and exposed to the man. If squeezing full and voluminous boobs enhances your arousal and pleasure, you should try this position. 

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The cowgirl position will help you fuck your girl intensely and passionately while clutching and pressing her tits at the same time. 

The best escorts know how to use their hands and mouth to offer additional stimulation in this position. Therefore, hire professionals to experience rocking sex followed by a satisfying ejaculation. 

Legs Over Shoulders

If you want your girl to moan desperately, try the legs over shoulders position. In this position, the woman lies on her back and the man penetrates her sitting on his knees. 

The twist in this move is that the legs of the girl do not rest on the floor or bed. Instead, she raises her legs and lets them rest on the man’s shoulders.  

Professional escorts do not lack flexibility and are generally fit. Therefore, you can try this position easily with any of them.  

Even mature escorts will not shy away from trying this position. The best about this move is that the legs remain closer to each intensely engendered by the penetration other and the vagina feels tighter. 

Therefore, both partners feel the rhythmic movement more. To make the act more pleasurable, you can also use your fingers to stimulate the upper part of your escort’s clitoris. 

69 Sex Position

The 69 sex position is not a foreign name to sex enthusiasts. But, it offers so much additional pleasure that it is always a game changer in the bed. The position demands that the two partners lay on each other in a way that both get to access each other’s genitals effortlessly. 

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Anyone can be at the bottom or the top. Typically the woman stays on the top to suck the man’s cock more easily. However, if you choose to turn this arrangement upside down, the results won’t vary. Professional escorts know how to make the act more fun and passionate. 

Hire the professionals to take your sex experience to the next level. Besides licking and sucking the clitoris, you can also try your fingers inside your escort’s vagina to let her moan louder. 


This position would require the man to stand and the lady to lie down on her side. First, the lady should lie at the edge of the bed leaving no margin at all. But, the two partners should be looking in the same direction. 

This will allow the man to penetrate the woman from behind. When a woman lies on one side balancing the position with one arm, her thighs remain closely aligned. This makes the penetration more exciting. is a trusted website for hiring expert escorts. If you wish to make your sex life colorful and satisfying, hire an escort to try different positions in bed. 


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