5 Tips for prepare CCNA Exam


One of the world’s toughest IT security qualifications is the Cisco Certified Network. 

Associate, or CCNA. An associate’s level certificate in IT networking aids applicants in advancing their professional careers and earning better salaries. In addition, a person’s ability to configure, run, and troubleshoot switched and routed networks are demonstrated by the CCNA certification.

You should be aware of your goals for obtaining the CCNA certification before scheduling your exam and beginning your study schedule. Then, you can plan your study time and social activities so that you can take the exam within the next six months.

Acquire Real-World Experience

You’ll require a practical and theoretical expertise to pass the CCNA exam. You should be able to apply theoretical knowledge to actual networking and troubleshooting situations as you study for the exam. For example, it’s general knowledge that IP is unreliable, but the real challenge is finding alternate ways to troubleshoot communication between nodes over IP.

Obtain the Right Study Resources

The good readings must be compiled to prepare for the CCNA. The best books for studying for the CCNA exam are Cisco’s most recent publications, Cisco CCENT/CCNA ICND 1 and CCNA Routes and Switching ICND2. Completely go over the lab assignments and practice questions. However, master binary math first; you should be able to calculate without thinking before reading the books recommended above. This material will help you to pass the CCNA test.

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Plan out exams.

Make sure to schedule your practice tests well in advance of the test. Set a deadline for yourself, then check in to see how you’re doing. Your strongest areas for improvement will be revealed.


Before the exam date, you should reread the Cisco Press books. Any information you might have overlooked the first time will be evident, and you’ll be able to recollect it. The final few weeks before the exams should only be used for answering a question. Try browsing online discussion boards and other test preparation websites to get new questions. It would be best if you were now well-versed in the networking concepts examined for the CCNA certification. Moreover, get more information here.

Pause for a Moment

The final few days before the tests, give yourself a break. Try to relax and take things easy. Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial the night before an exam.

2 Additional Considerations:

The CCNA is thorough.

The CCNA exam includes questions on various topics, including TCP/IP research and the most extensive protocols with spanning trees. Because there is so much to learn, exams may seem challenging to pass. However, as ICDN serves as the starting point for all Cisco CCNA exams, we advise focusing on it. To be eligible, aspirants must read all of the available topics.

The CCNA Exam Moves Fast

Around 50 and 65 questions are on the CCNA exam, which lasts 90 minutes. Even if you are well-prepared, it could be stressful to answer so many questions in a short period. Remember your training and experience! The majority of the questions relate to real-world issues.

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