3 Emerging Real Estate Photo Editing Trends That Realtors Must Follow

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The real estate industry might be one of the most rewarding today. However, to succeed in the real estate game, you must have a creative mind and an artistic soul. Selling properties and real estate is about how you present your listings and how others view them. 

Consider professional photography if you want to step up your real estate game. Not only will you make your listings look more professional, but you will also reach a more extensive, modern audience. However, you must deliver innovative, creative content to engage the right audience. Following real estate photo editing trends will help – here are the best.

1. Drone photography editing

Drone photography is becoming increasingly popular in all industries. These small yet powerful devices allow you to take photos and videos of your products or real estate from all angles. With drone photography, you will have perfect shots of your projects and let your audience see all details of your properties. 

Operating a drone may be challenging. You must know all angles and learn how to get around your real estate. You might end up with shaky pictures or images with unimportant details. Some problems are unrealistic colors, perspective errors, shadows, etc. 

Drone photography may not be perfect in all cases and might require some editing to give you a perfect shot. However, you can find professional photo-editing software to get ideal drone photography in minutes. Following this photography trend might be one of the best steps you can take for your real estate business. 

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2. High dynamic range editing

High dynamic range, or HDR, deals with different exposures in one object. For example, real estate interiors may have diverse exposure levels at various places due to natural light, furniture placement, flooring, windows, etc. If you want to present your properties in a natural light, you can use HDR editing tools to achieve this look. 

HDR editing works by combining different photographs of the same place with true-to-life exposures of certain elements. For example, one of your photographs may have the perfect exposure next to your kitchen counters but provide unrealistic results next to your cabinets. By layering perfectly exposed images over each other, you will get the most trustworthy real estate pictures. 

However, HDR editing is as complex as it sounds. It will take a lot of practice to master this skill and see which images have the perfect exposure. Nevertheless, once you master the skill (or hire someone to edit for you), you will be thankful you followed this trend. HDR is not new in photography but keeps delighting all photography lovers. 

3. Twilight photography editing 

Nothing is more beautiful than catching the sunset and bathing in the golden hour. The golden hour is a time during the day when the sun hasn’t completely set but emits golden rays. What’s better than photographing your real estate at that perfect time? 

If you love sunsets, you can share your passion with others by incorporating twilight photography into your real estate images. However, you may not have had the chance to take the perfect shot. If you want your audience to enjoy the golden hour and see your real estate as magical, you can use twilight editing to achieve this look. 

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More and more people enjoy serene, relaxing images and spaces. If that is the atmosphere you are trying to achieve, you can bathe your real estate images in golden sunrays. However, it may be challenging to determine the proper saturation and exposure to create the perfect twilight scene. In that case, you can hire professionals to make your photos look straight out of a fairytale. 


Sometimes, your camera cannot capture the true beauty of the object in front of the lens. You might need a hand from photo editing tools to present your real estate in the best possible light.

Following the three most popular real estate photo editing trends that can contribute to your property’s atmosphere is the best step to success. If you have trouble editing your images, contact professionals for help. 

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